Monday, July 18, 2011

What is QPayroll?

QPayroll-Private SMB edition is a complete payroll system solution customized for Philippine Small to Medium sized businesses.  It is a web-based system and it runs on any available browser. It automatically generates Payroll Summary, Pay slip and Contributions Summary.
It supports 2 common employee types;

1.      Salary Earner  – employees receiving monthly/semi monthly salary
2.      Wage Earner  – employees receiving daily wage salary

The Maintenance module of the system will help the user to manage and maintain necessary information which can be easily retrieved, displayed and automatically be computed on a payroll page.  The following data entry functionalities are accessible:

·         Employee Information – Store and Retrieve Information of employees including what type of earner, which department does he/she belong to, and what salary/rate they are receiving.
·         Department – Manage the different department of the organization.
·         Employee Contributions – Maintain all employee contributions premium schedule such as salary range, monthly contribution, employee and employer share and funds for SSS, PhilHealth, PAGIBIG and Provident / Savings.
·         Employee Tax – Manage employee tax exemption, schedule and rate.
·         User Account – Manage account of all system users.  System administrator may set permission levels of all system’s users.

Common payroll reports are readily available after payroll processing.  It will generate forms for employee contribution/mandatory contribution such as:
·         SSS (Social Security System)
·         Philhealth 
·         PAGIBIG
·         Provident / Savings
·         Bank Account Credit Summary

QPayroll is programmed in ASP and version 9.0 running on .Net Framework 3.5 and it uses MS SQL server or MySQL database.
Minimum system requirements:
1.       PC or Server with at least 1GB RAM,  5GB free hard disk space, LAN connection
2.       Windows OS with IIS, .net Framework 3.5,  MS SQL Server or MySQL, Internet Browser (recommended : > IE 6,  Firefox)

Available plug-in modules include:
Accounting System (QaSA-Disbursement), Personnel Management Information System(PMIS), Timekeeping System (qTime)

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